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I was exploring outside the edges of the maps, the actual "canvas" size of the areas are very large.  For example on the Syria map I flew along the coast all the way to Libya, followed the suez canal to the Red Sea and flew SE into Iraq all the way to south of Nasiriya.  Of course its just a sat image texture, but using the hornet's GM radar you can follow waterways, like the Tigris and Euphrates, plus the larger lakes show too. 

In the Persian Gulf you can fly to Baghdad, easily located in shape and by the rivers plus the airport is locatable visually. 

So, I'm thinking it may be possible to spawn targets, such as SAMs/AAA around Baghdad for historical OIF missions.  When looking at the mission file inside a created .miz there are x/y coodinates of targets, is there a conversion method to lat/long or such that one could edit to accomplish this?  Obviously using the GUI in the ME wont work....


Baghdad airport just under over tail in the Persian Gulf map


The Red Sea in the Syria map




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I did this on the Nevada map. I flew all the way to San Francisco/ Bay area, with the F15. You could see it on the F10 Map.


The  Images changed the further west you went. Sacramento area still appeared to have Ariel photography mapped but then the terrain imagery changed to a muddy out of focused desert. Of course their was no terrain. That seemed to cut off at Lake Tahoe.


I have no Idea how to place objects on the map in these "Off map zones"


Doubt that these areas will ever get modeled. Imagine the HDD space that would take up and the time it takes away from other projects.


I do remember an interview (Reapers) where someone from Eagle Dynamics Mentioned a DCS World map. Not sure what that is but with new technologies like what they did with Microsoft Flight simulator maybe we will get bigger regions or connected regions.


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I did notice there is definitely overlap in the Syria and Persian Gulf map that together that cover all of Iraq, Kuwait, most N Africa and most of Saudi from the Gulf to the Red sea to the Med.  Haven't explored north Turkey yet.  If users could populate targets, ground/static objects in these places one could recreate all the actual missions in the Gulf War, Southern/Northern Watch, OIF, etc..... mind boggling to realize how much territory is out there not being used


Also did find that the Iraqi H3 highway strip near the Jordan/Iraq border is there....did a few touch and goes.. 


I added a few static buildings, c-130, portable TACAN and laid down FARP mats for a useable runway to make working NAS Fallon.  I'm not scenery designer, this took maybe 20 mins....but it shows possibilities...?




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10 hours ago, Reccelow said:

...When looking at the mission file inside a created .miz there are x/y coodinates of targets...

Just find the 0,0 point. It’ll take some experimentation but you should be able to figure it out.


On the Caucasus, for instance, it’s in southern Crimea.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1...CR6IZ7crfdZxDg



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The screenshots of the maps on this page have the bullseye icon located at 0,0 for each map. https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Category:Terrain_Information


You can also use alt+y to toggle the coordinate type and see the x/y coords directly in the editor or F10 map. 

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Ok, after more poking around I came to realize the x/y coordinates are not in any way globally navigation based, such as they do not translate to anything geographical.  It's just a linear measurement in metric.

To test I placed an object then another 1 mile north.  In the mission file the difference in the x (vertical) coordinate was 1852, in meters that's a mile. So it should be a mathematical solution to place things off the map... 


Happy to see that worked,  I now have a target in Baghdad and using that x/y as a "datum" I can place other units/statics.  I'll see if I can put together a reasonable Baghdad target template that people can import in to the PG map..... 



Baghdad tower.JPG

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Here is small template to incorporate a few Iraq AD targets.  A command center, comm tower in Baghdad , protected by a few SAMs and an couple SA6 around the Al Kut airport to dodge on the way. 

For the Persian Gulf map




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As another experiment, I've placed a carrier (CVN-74) in the Red Sea.  Turns out the "Red Sea" is not water, but ..digital pink sand...? So its stationary, but functional.  I did a flight to find it and a couple traps to check, TACAN and ICLS work. Here's a template for anyone to use with Syria map


Pretty easy to find, head south to the Gulf of Aqaba, follow it to the Straits of Tiran/Red Sea, turn left and head about 150 or so for about 20NM


INS: N 27 17.3/E 34 59.1 (F-14 format)

Speed 0

Heading 160

Once you get within 250NM, TACAN 74X comes up and ICLS Ch11 for approach.





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Now I'm dreaming about 48 GB of VRAM 🙂



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I'm obviously having too much fun with this..... 


Here is a template for the Syria map for Operation Northern Watch (or start of OIF)

Polygon borders for Iraq with the No Fly Zone 

Command centers in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul and H3 with a few SAMs for defense

A flight of MiG25s (airborne of course..) from Tammuz AB just west of Baghdad heading to the edge of the northern No Fly Zone



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