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Hornet Afterburner detent with x65

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Yes I have. I'm using a 3d printed Lift detent on my X65 so I needed Idle Detent as well as AB detent. I achived it the following way. As you are only asking for AB detent I leave out the Idle detent part which would require to split the throttle axis in to 2 virtual axis.
1. this is for the DCS F-16 as i don't use other aircraft
2. In DCS Controls I have bound a keyboard command to "Cycle Afterburner detent On/Off
3. I'm using Joystick Gremlin to achive the AB detent. 
4. In JG I have on the throttle Axis (Z-Axis) a macro with send the Keyboard command set in #2

5. On the macro virtual button I have set 
Activate when axis is between "-0.95" and "-0.90" when entering from "Anywhere"
6. In DCS Special for F-16 Afterburner detent is set to Always on

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