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7 hours ago, nick10 said:

Can anyone recommend a desk mount for a thrustmaster warthog stick please?


Not sure if this should be in the VKB section but in any case VKB do a UCM Stronghold which can hold the Warthog throttle. Alternatively there's desktop mounts by Monstertech or Foxx (if you're in the US). All of those can get mounting plates which fit the Warthog throttle. Personally I use the VKB mounts as I have their Gunfighter stick and plan to get their TECS throttle once it's out so makes sense for me to go that way. If you have other stick / throttle and plan to stay that way then any of them should work fine.

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I highly recommend the Monster Tech Mounts. They are high quality and are very quick and easy to attach and detach.

I have a long version I use for my VKB Gunfighter Pro with 200mm extension, and a standard version I used to use with my Warthog throttle and now use with my Virpil CM3 Throttle. Virpil has an adapter that works with the throttle warthog plate.



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Don B


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