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Bizarre Client is Tainted issue

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We are having the strangest issue.


It seems that when playing multiplayer, when I join a server someone else (and always the same person) gets booted off the server with the 'Client is tainted' message.


If I don't join, he can join and play no problem. A minute or so after I join the server, he gets kicked. If I stay on the server, he is unable to rejoin. As soon as I leave the server, he can rejoin.


He is using the Huey module and I am joining in a P-47D-40.


We tested this a few times this evening to confirm and it seems we can replicate it easily.


He tried doing an install repair last week, I tried doing a repair this week. No change.


We haven't had this issue in the past, flying all sorts (Spitfire, F-18s, F-14s, Sabres, etc.).


We're going to try turning off the client checks on the server for next weekend, but we shouldn't have to do that. We both are running clean (well, he has the A-4 mod but so do lots of other people on the server and they don't get kicked for client is tainted).


If anyone is also encountering this, info is welcome. A fix is even more welcome!



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The A-4 mod is the latest up to date and the old version was completely deleted?  There was a problem when the P-47 came out, the M64 was added and the A-4 mod had it's own version. 


If he tries to rejoin the integrity check shield should be red, if he clicks on it it will give him the path to the texture that needs to be deleted, but he should delete the A-4  and reinstall the newest version.  If it was ever mistakenly installed in the main game directory instead of Saved Games it would need to be removed from there as well.


This seems like the most likely cause to me, good luck.

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