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saitek x65 diable microstick mouse

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18 minutes ago, Mower said:

Can it be done please and thanks


Well, I've got the Rhino X55, which has a microstick too. As far as I remember, I did disable it through the profile software (mad catz/SST)

and since then never had to bother with it anymore. And no, I do not run nor use the profile software.

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I use an basically empty profile with, So I delete shiftstaes 2-3-4 then I set the ministick to unprogrammed on shiftstate 1 and then delete shiftstate 1 and save. You won't be able to reopen that profile with the STT/MadCaz profile editor but leaves with a X65F where even the 4 mode buttons can be used as any other button and the ministick to be used axis and not as mousestick 

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