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NAS Oceana + Expansive Ocean

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It would be great and relatively easy to create a map of just a small piece of coastline, preferably NAS Oceana and hundreds of miles each direction of ocean.  


Being an easy map should make it quick and cheap as well as:

- Good for simming home base for F/A-18C and F-14 squadrons.

- flying out to the boat.....leaving for deployment.

- enough ocean for blue water ops

- enough oceans for naval fleet battles

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AC Module Wishlist: MH-60, B-1B, F4F

Map Wishlist: Norwegian Sea, Alaska, Jungle 

Ai Wishlist: Ships, C-2a, SOF infantry, AH/MH-6, P-3, E/A-6B

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I just made this using Google Maps and MS Paint. It's 600km x 500km, the same size as the Syria map. Almost made it to Bermuda, but couldn't stretch quite that far. Maybe since it's mostly ocean, a larger map might be possible?


The two closeups at the bottom show airports around NAS Oceana and Nags Head, respectively.


NAS Oceana Map

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