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Carrier Wishlist.

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To allow for realistic cyclic ops, or at least create one in the mission editor, some fundamental things are required. 

- AI Logic to allow for specific cats to be or not to be used. We kinda need the option to allocate them which Cat to take or not to take. 

- AI Lights off on deck during daytime. 

- proper departure patterns during case 1 and 2 and no clearing turn during case 3 

- AI logic to create a landing interval or 50 seconds between stack levels. Now 1 group lands whilst the other group commences. 

- the option to let AI fly in a 5 miles orbit above the ship, whilst the boat is moving. 
- zip lip ops ! 

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1. Directors

2. Plane captain

3. Weight board operator

4. Ordnance checkers (prelauch & postrecovery)

5. Night deck ops

6. Pitching deck (sea state configurable via ME)


8. Barricade ops 😉





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