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Request - make default MPCD gain and contrast lua editable

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So with the recent changes to the MPCDs I know there have been a number of threads and bug reports about the text being unreadable in both 2D and 3D. Some of these have been acknowledged by RAZBAM, some not. Either way, I don’t want to get into that discussion here.


The best fix I’ve found, which was posted on one of the threads, was to reduce gain by 50 and contrast by 10 on the displays. This fixes the issue for me. Obviously that’s a lot of clicks, and may be different for other people.


in lieu of fixing what people/devs can’t seem to agree on whether it is/isn’t a bug, can we make the default (ie, when you switch the display on) gain and contrast values editable in a lua file.


That way those of us who are having issues and have found the gain/contrast change a valid fix could just change our lua values and not have to click 60 times on each display every flight, and those who don’t like it can just ignore.


Seems a reasonable solution to a divisive issue?

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I must ask, should the GAIN feature even have a 50 click range capability? I could understand better a +/- 10 clicks for any of them, but 50....?

At that moment I would think that engineer designing those systems would have made it so that you can just hold down the +/- switch and it would adjust the scale in matter of a second or two for so large scales and definitely not require clicking 50 times to get some changes done....

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