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I recall seeing something about alignment between the Track-IR (with gearing), and the HMD look-direction previously in this forum. 


This is a problem I have been unable to solve.  Basically by the time I turn my head so that I am looking at 90 degrees from heading, the HMD is only around 45 -60 degrees making it unusable.   With my aging neck, I do need gearing on the Track-IR to be able to see over my shoulder. 


Does anyone know of a solution?

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I've read about this several times; maybe the other threads about the topic can give you some pointers.


However, I don't have that problem with TrackIR and the HMCS. It's always exactly in the center of my view, right where it should be, and the guys I flew with also never mentioned any problem of that kind, so it seems worthwhile to investigate why it happens to you, and not to others. What do you mean by "with gearing"?


A video or some screenshots to illustrate the problem, and a track that allows us to check if we see the same problem in the track replay, would also be a big help.

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Thanks, Yurgon, that is interesting that you don’t have a problem.  Basically, I have set up Track-IR so that if I rotate my head by 20 degrees, the view moves by about 30 degrees.  Thus if I need to look in my 5 o’ clock, I only have to turn my head by around 90 degrees.  The problem seems to be that the HMD sight moves the same amount as my head.  Thus the external view that I am seeing is at 5 o’clock, while my reticule is looking in my 3 o’clock, thus it is well to the left of my sight-line.


I will take another look at my set-up.

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