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Scenery Remove Objects Zone too big?

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I recently learned about the trigger action 'Scenery Remove Objects Zone' and used it successfully in a recent Persian Gulf mission. However when I created a practice mission I may have gone too large with a single zone and my mission will not load.

It's a problem because even Task Manager cannot kill the DCS process once it gets stuck trying to load the mission, and I have to force my PC to shutdown with the power button.

I'm guessing my zone radius is too large - 184300 ft - centered at Al Ain Intl in the Persian Gulf.

Is there a limit to the zone radius when removing the objects within? Log attached.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

i9-9900k 3.6 GHz

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming

64 GB 3200 MHz ram

RTX 2080 Ti

Samsung 970 pro NVMe (boot & DCS)

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Hi, I don't think this tool was made to treat such a large area, indeed.


I may be wrong, but I believe it was created when the Caucasus map was redone in 2018: the map got filled with dense forestal areas that didn't exist before, thus compromising missions made with the previous version of the map (a lot of objectives and/or FARPS suddenly got invaded by trees).


You may try to edit your scripts by unzipping the .miz file (ask your favorite unzipper to open it, you'll find text files inside). Of course, make a backup of your .miz first. 😉

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