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C-101CC Engine ITT limitations

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Hi all!


I know (by experience) that the C-101EB has ITT limitations for the operation of its TFE 731-2-2J engine; these are clearly indicated at pag.109 of the manual.


Since the C-101CC has another engine (TFE 731-5-1J) where can I find the temperature limitations? Are these the same as engine TFE 731-2-2J?


Thank you!

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I don't know the exact numbers for the ITT limit, but the CC's engine is robust enough that you can run it at full throttle with the MPR switch on as long as you want.

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You can see the general limitations in the ITT instrument itself.


Green arc 250º-924º

Yellow arc 924º-952º

Max thrust 952º

MPR limit 974º


The engine can reach 1024º in transient condition before an inspection is needed.

As TLTeo just said, in practice you can operate the CC engine without limitation.

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Roberto "Vibora" Seoane

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