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Workload using jester AI to control radar elevation

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Open jester menu, press scan elevation, scan alt/dist, select option.


These are 4 separate actions just to do an absolutely basic thing! Jester is not scanning on his own, he won't even point the radar at hostile DL contacts. (Not sure if it is even possible, or planned to have him scan for targets on his own...)


This means that in any coplex scenario with multiple targets, I have to spend an awful lot of time in the jester menu. The closer the fight it is the worse it gets.


I understand that HB tries to avoid adding direct controls to the front seat because of immersion and realism, but the unfortunate reality is that jester in his present state is not able to give you the most basic SA without constant micro- management, and it is neither fun nor realistic...


Please add bindable jester commands for the most basic radar controls! Here is an option how it could work:


- add commands to step radar elevation +/- 5000 feet at the current selected TID range 

- add command to set azimuth left/right

- add command for TWS auto


I stopped flying the 14 for a very long time because of this, but yesterday I've lost my patience and copied radar control axis from the RIO pit lua to the front seat. Must say finally being able to point the radar where I want it within reasonable time is a relief. 


Please do something about this!


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Ok, I see the confused emoji, maybe I wan't clear enough 🙂  Here it is simplified:


- Need a quicker way to command Jester to adjust radar up/down/left/right a bit. Without diving into the jester menu. In addition to the current commands (which are fine.)

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I think the confused emoji is because some people are very hung up on forcing the Jester interaction, even for tasks a RIO should be doing completely autonomously.

As I keep saying: Jester is an interface, not a RIO. The best answer is to fly with a RIO.


The second best answer is to streamline the interface for elevation, azimuth and cone width.

Keybinds make sense because the current interface would require you to dig 3-4 layers deep to perform actions you need to do almost continuously.


In that regard I second the requests made by OP. Pilot's workload without a RIO is high enough without making the most basic radar tasks needlessly complicated.

This would drastically improve the solo experience.

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Third option:

Using Vaicom Pro with the AIRIO extension made my interactions with Jester a lot faster and easier. No need to deep dive into submenu's, just tell Jester what you want him to do. Sure, you'd need to pay for a third-party addon, which may not be to everyone's liking, or you play in an environment where talking into your headset might be disturbing others (roommates, family...) but the return in terms of immersion has been more than worth it IMO.



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Actively searching for targets would be the most important task for any radar operator. When I fly the single seat jets I always scan with the radar even when there is datalink support.


I understand, that it would be extremely difficult to program Jester to search and prioritise targets effectively and it might not worth the effort, but someone has to do it.


If Jester does not scan with the radar, then we need more quick and effective controls on the radar operation to do it ourselfs for some extent.


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8 hours ago, Skysurfer said:

Personally I just stay in a 4B, 40 deg. RWS scan and point my nose if needed. Having bindable quick commands for the pre-set elevation settings like "low" or "mid-low" etc. would be useful though. 

I'm 90% confident Jester uses 40 deg/2B or 20 deg/4B since he only uses the TWS volumes, even in RWS. (Frequent cause of his "No can do" inside 30 miles)

These are pretty awful settings for sanitization and limit your combat SA significantly, due to very limited altitude or azimuth coverage.

Using Jester and losing DDD information already highlights the more outdated aspects of the AWG-9. Right now solo pilots have almost no way to leverage any of its strenghts.


Some mitigation would be to add more azimuth/bar options to the interface, along with better functionality to lock up specific targets.

I realise this is actually quite a huge request from a development perspective, which is why I feel direct keybinds would be a good compromise.


A RIO-less pilot is quite handicapped as is:

  • Worse SA
  • Higher workload
  • Painfully reduced crew handsomeness
  • No internal communication
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