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RAZBAM Falklands map looks stunning on Tactical Pascale video!

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I've just seen Pascale's Flaklands map WIP presentation and interview with RAZBAM and i have to admit i'm stunned.


  • I love how RAZBAM is making coherent Cold War Falklands war map, assets, planes (lack of this coherence was is the biggest drawback of DCS)
  • I love they are making historic 1982 variant of the map also, besides the modern one
  • It looks a lot better than what we've seen on raw screens - with weather, with proper lighting it looks so real and alive
  • The map is different than anything we've seen in DCS so far - RAZBAM's Falklands looks cold, windy, rainy, unhospitable, Atlantic subpolar island - simply perfect


I'm excited for the classic Cold War British fighter Sea Harrier FRS.1 even more than i was for AV-8B

Overall it all looks like fantastic choices!









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  • bies changed the title to RAZBAM Falklands map looks stunning on Tactical Pascale video!

WOW! agree on coherency. it the direction DCS should be going in ie Cold war Enterprise carrier + airwing  ( and def forrestal with add on for supercarrier functionality available as an upgrade). If DCS's weather materializes,  Falkalnds map could be truly insane. imagine taking off in a storm from a pitching Invincible in a Sea Harrier!

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I thought it looked a little on the flat side, appreciate they wanted to show the map off at high altitude as thats the best way to get sense of scale but the low down stuff looked overly flat to me - perhaps it was the locations they chose to tease us with?


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I agree that the map looks excellent, for some reason the flying footage does it much more justice than the screenshots they have been sharing. The one worry I have is when will they actually manage to release a good set of coherent assets and modules, especially some sort of Mirage 3/5 and FRS 1. They have an insane back log of projects, and I really think the quality of the map will be judged by the presence and/or quality of those two aircraft.

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16 hours ago, Dr Zaius said:

I thought it looked a little on the flat side, appreciate they wanted to show the map off at high altitude as thats the best way to get sense of scale but the low down stuff looked overly flat to me - perhaps it was the locations they chose to tease us with?



All the maps in DCS look flat at the lower altitudes as the DCS Terrain Engine might not be able to render larger areas with small sub-meter resolutions. There are the riverbanks, road edges, bridgeheads etc that seem to be able to be done so, so evidence is pointing that it should be possible. But, when the DCS maps do not have ground clutter and small terrain height features, it makes them all just wide open feeling ones.


And human eye is very good spotting these small details (lack of) and person just might not notice such thing until pointed out.


For long time the savior for this all has been the terrain texture, that has allowed to use a satellite imagery or just generated terrain texture to give a illusion of the ground clutter details like trees, bushes, buildings, flats, roads etc. But it all works fine only at the higher altitudes.


To fix these things:

  • The DCS Terrain Engine should get capability to dynamically adjust the terrain LOD for higher one when looking it close, so when viewing from low altitude or when viewing with high magnification from high altitude.
  • The Terrain Engine should as well get capability to render ground clutter at long distances similar manner, bushes, rocks, small trees, tall grass, more different foliage etc. I think a 5-7 km maximum rendering capability would be enough so user can select shorter range for their performance. And then at further distances from max 5-7 to 10 km have more of a small LOD setting so there are still some terrain color changes and so on to create the "clutter".
  • The DCS graphics engine requires rework for the 3D model drawing distances. Against a camouflaged units on ground, spotting distance is by average 1500 meters from the air, that is just the camouflage paint and when vehicle is parked like example just at the forest edge, so the 3D models shouldn't be drawn but use a shaders to render the possible shadow and proper color for further distances, and only render the 3D model at closer ranges. This because 3D model rendering causes problem with aliasing and other LOD systems that simple texture helps to avoid with shaders. When the vehicles are camouflaged properly with the nets, tree branches etc, their spotting range can become practically zero if they are parked to proper background. So of course a dark green square vehicle is easy to spot against a bright yellow crop field, but place that vehicle to stay stationary in similar color terrain and it becomes almost invisible unless something reveals it by creating strong shape (shadow) that human brain can spot braking the pattern/randomness.
  • Improve the terrain textures. There are many good scenery texture mods for Caucasus, that helps a lot to improve the spotting challenges and make ranges visually more pleasing. ED has gone fairly low in these in many cases, very likely because performance reasons etc, but I personally think that ground texturing needs to be taken few notches higher level as diskspace is basically free as at this moment a one gigabyte costs about 2-4 cents. But texturing will make you only so far at high altitude.
  • Players should stop expecting a 100% accurate locations and modeling, the world changes in time. Trees grows and new roads are made, fields are changed, buildings painted and moved. So it is time that it would be more widely accepted that terrains are populated with roads, buildings, trees, fields etc that are not realistically there. The major landmarks should be there like big cities, possible towns names etc and main roads, but lots of stuff needs to be randomly generated by the map designer. There are OpenStreetMaps project that offers free the mapping data, that is easily usable to be converted such way that proper heights, roads and building locations can be extracted and then used to insert random buildings in DCS Map in those locations and draw the roads via proper routes. No more buildings in ground texture but actual 3D models. Who cares if a town edge is not 100% accurate as in real world, when it looks good and fits to the map?
  • The map editor should be heavily invested to be at the level that many RTS games has been in the past 20 years. That you can just bring the height map to it, have collection of dozens of terrain textures, texture layering, possibility use large brushes for random ground clutter, manual and automatic map height adjustments etc. To build a map in todays technologies for a rough scale details like in DCS, it is shouldn't be years process anymore. We already have software that can be inputted with the real world topographic maps from any decade and they will build a complete 3D models for the terrain based the symbols on the map.  If the current SDK requires map artists to place all trees, roads etc by hand, it can't be anything else than a nightmare.


At least we are getting major upgrade to graphics with the new clouds and weather engine, as that should start to add far more visual content even with the current existing flat maps.

As can anyone find out, flying DCS with the default weather is nothing else than boring. Making the date proper for sun angle and adding some mist, clouds low and maximum 8/10 value and it can become very beautiful even with its current old weather/cloud system. It still doesn't remove the flat and emptiness in many terrain areas, but it will be huge improvement.

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Really, really looking forward to this... was at school in 1982 and we watched the frigates and commandeered merchant vessels sail south, and welcomed some home... 

Especially remember HMS Arrow returning home with the Red Arrows fly over


A family friend was on HMS Brilliant and my own father worked on ships that went down south and on repairing some of the badly damaged ships that came home


So, I’m really keen that Razbam stick to their plans re 1982 assets 👍

(hopefully the AV8B is just a GR3 / FRS1 stand in for the video...)


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Yes it does look really amazing, but without Falkland-Malvinas planeset..


Mirage III / Dagger - Harrier, not a Strike Eagle. 


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About a 50ish minute video? . . . Spent nearly 3 hours watching it as had to keep re-watching sections again and again 😄 .
It is stunning as it is!

The feel of the terrain - a strange thing to say - but the feeling it gives is incredible. RAZBAM - for a first foray into DCS terrains - are in my opinion really setting the bar high. Makes you wonder about the other possible locations that were intimated to.

The standard of the terrain, the texturing, all astounding.



The Harrier made me a follower of RAZBAM - yes some people knock it, but really I think they just don’t “get it” - and I think it is a ‘jack of all trades’ delight. 
I love it, I never flew the Harrier in the RAF - i was mainly Tornado - but a friend of mine who has flown Harrier GR.5/7 (I still put up with his assumed superiority) and has flown the Harrier I own in DCS, says that the FEEL of it is absolutely spot on.


RAZBAM - keep doing what you are doing, my wallet is always ready if the product says “RAZBAM” on the tin.

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