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Dcs jittery when looking side to side

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I just got an rx 6900 xt and I have a pimax 8kx headset my problem is when I look around its jittery. I was fine on a 2080 ti it was all smooth. Im wondering if anyone knows what amd settings I should use? Any advice would be appreciated. 


My system 


Rx 6090 xt red devil 

32gb 3200 ram 

Asus maximus hero xii wifi


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I have experienced this issue with my setup. It appears to go away after tabbing out or opening the advanced frame timing window in steam vr. It has only started happening recently. It has been triggered by me changing ipd, going on the map or changing aircraft. Any ideas to prevent this would be much appreciated.

RTX 2080ti, I7 9700k, 32gb ram, SSD, Samsung Odyssey VR, MSFFB2, T-50 Throttle, Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals

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