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Can't complete any missions properly due to engine cut off

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The campaign seems amazing and I really want to enjoy it as I really enjoyed the 109's campaign.

But I unfortunatly can't complete any of the missions properly. I have such a hard time reaching 25.000 fts without my engine cutting off for some unknown reason.
At mission 4 I can't even reach 30.000fts, I tries 6 times and it's just not possible for me
I made sure to activate the electric pump, the fuel tank pressure, the pitot heat, I tried with different throttle positions and by climbing fast or slowly. I couldn't manage to reach 30.000 and couldn't go for the "hun"

I can't finish the mission, even when trying my hardest and I just fell like I'm wasting time trying again and again.

I had this problem in pretty much all the missions by now and it's a shame I'm ending up editing my logbook.lua file to discover the rest of the campaign.


Is there anything wrong with the spitfire right now ? Is it about my settings ? A button I missed ?

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The usual suspects are the Electric Fuel Pump and the Fuel Tank Pressure switch, but I see you have those covered.


The next thing to ask is what RPM are you using trying to get that high? Because at some point to maintain enough Manifold Pressure (AKA Boost in RAF parlance) to generate the necessary climb rate you will have to have higher RPM settings...

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Check that your supercharger kicks in at around 13-15k feet. It has to be in "auto".


If it's not that, then it's your fuel pump that's off. Above 20k your engine will cut out without the pump.

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Are we talking about the same fuel pump? The small switch under the trim tab, not the one under the fuel gauge? You said you 'activated the fuel tank pressure". Did you turn on the fuel pressure pump and leave it on? That's a problem. Pressurize the fuel lines using the wobble pump before engine start, and keep the switch under the fuel gauge off. Only use it in emergencies.


Also, make sure you warm up the engine before takeoff, and don't exceed oil pressure limits. If you fail to do this, the engine will eventually break. Complex engeine management has recently been introduced by ED.


Climb at +8 boost, 2600 RPM, or maximum 2800 RPM and +12 boost if needed.

If that doesn't work, you may want to post this issue in the Spitfire thread, maybe others can figure out what you're missing. It's not mission-related for sure, and I only have these ideas.


And perhaps running a repair. Sometimes that helps too.


Keep us updated!

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Update on the problem : I tried mission 5 and everything worked perfectly.


Only thing I changed was to activate both the main and external fuel tanks at the same time during flight. It seems that you can't use the external fuel tank only when flying high altitude.


I can now enjoy those nice missions. Thanks again for the great campaign !

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Happy to hear. 


That's interesting though, you should be able. Does the external tank work without the main tank at lower altitudes?


If so, it still sounds like a fuel pump issue to me.


PS: lately I had my supercharger on 'M.S.' at spawn and I have to flip it to auto. 

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