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Hey Sim Pilots


I'd like to kick off a forum dedicated to DIY cockpits, to share ideas and get motivated to evolve my old build. 


I'd welcome anyone who wants to post an image of their DIY rig and any tips or hints on what they've done. My rig is below, built specifically for DCS Huey, with collective and cyclic controls (modified G920). I'm using two AURA bass shakers and a NLR V3 motion platform (providing 2DOF motion). 



Motion: I am going back to a no-motion setup as I found it to be disruptive more so than immersive. Would really like some comments from others on the G-Seat or other "motion/G Forces" seat setups.

VR: This used to be a 4 monitor setup in a "T" layout but despite the lower resolution of the CV1, I won't be going back to monitors mainly due to the depth perception/3D that VR offers. 

Shakers: Bass shakers are an excellent method of getting more immersion. I'm using Andre's Sim Shaker software and it's awesome.


I'd really like to see other people's setups and TIPS for builds, to get some inspiration to re-invigorate/update/improve my build.





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In case you missed the sticky thread on the chit-chat forums:  



system specs:


Win10 Pro x64 | Intel i7 10700KF (all core OC 5.0GHz) | 32GB DDR4 (3466MHz CL16) | RX 5700XT 8GB (@ 2085/1820) | 256GB(OS) + 500GB SSDs | 1TB + 3TB HDDs | 650W PSU (Seasonic 80+Gold)
32'' 1080P 75Hz (IPS) | M-Audio USB + Samson SR850 |  T16000 stick + X52Pro throttle + TrackHat (w/OpenTrack)


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Here is a video of mine.



Sorry, but I am playing Falcon BMS at the time.  :(


I am trying to get the P-51 Mustang gauges to show up on my secondary monitors. I did not see any specific gauges within Helios for that.


Does anyone have experience with this?






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