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NS430 VoiceAttack profile by Jonsky

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So after discovering CHIC's mod that allowed the rotary switches to be "clicked" one step at a time on a joystick. I applied the same modification to the keyboard so I could make this voice attack profile.


It allows text entry by speech for quickly  setting up Direct-To destinations and user waypoints. Not quite as a fancy as one of  Bailey's voice attack profiles but I find it a lot easier that rotating the knobs a thousand times. 😛


The download package contains:
The Voice attack profile
The mod to allow the rotary knobs to be incremented one step at a time
Keyboard.diff.lua for the required keybinds for the NS430 Module
a couple of sound files for clicks, it also uses a couple of sounds built into voice attack, and text to speech.
A READ_ME with instructions on available voice commands, and how to install


Available in the User Files Section





Update to V1.0

Now you can just say the Airport name for automatic entry into the Direct-To page





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