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Hi folks. Pulling my hair out. Just when I think I’m making progress. I think I’m struggling understanding the relationship between other sensors and TPOD. 
Weapon is rdy, slewed tpod to target, locked up via point track, uncaged but for the life of me I can’t get sss forward to engage IRMV mode. 
My mav seeker screen says ‘map’ in the top left corner. Any ideas ?

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On 2/6/2021 at 8:00 AM, felixx75 said:

First you have to press SSS DOWN twice to select "INS" and then SSS FWD to select "TV" -> IRMV (also shown on the left MPCD). Then you can use the TMC to move the IRMV. If you just press SSS FWD, while TPOD is active, you are using LTIP, the Laser Range option (even the TPOD is in save mode).


Left MPCD:                                                       Right MPCD:

stores page                                                       TPOD as active sensor (TPOD)

                                                                            search for a target

cage/uncage to slew the seeker

to the target                                                       SSS DOWN twice to enter INS Mode

                                                                            SSS FWD to enter TV Mode -> IRMV

you can see "IRMV" and now you can

use TDC depress to lock the Target

(or to slew the seeker around)


Eventually, they will stop changing the process 🙂


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