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Mount textures per aircraft type?

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Greeting gents,


im currently working Jug's livery and i came across a technically issue. As we know the Jug comes with 2 types of 3D models that can be distinguished from the dorsal fin, which isnt featured on early D30 variant. As a result the two 3D models mount different textures.


Heres the situation, the bort number layer across the tail sector picks up only one set of those textures, and is NOT compatible with the other variant. They can be mounted correctly, but only one or the other:



My question is, is there a way to differentiate what textures are to attach, in the description.lua? for instance

if {a/c type is early D30} then 
  livery[#livery + 1] = xxx


So far i have given a try of variables like submodel  or ShapeName etc. still wont work in this case



Any of you livery makers have idea how to get it done? Any help is appreciated

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