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I have read in the DCS manual regarding adding and modifying key commands in attempt to assign my Sys RQ screenshot key to my FA18 Button 12 stick button. I cannot seem to change or modify that Sys RQ key command in DCS at all. I can either choose default or remove it.

I also noticed too on my Keyboard my screenshot print key is labeled  PRT SC.

So maybe I have a hardware issue and need a keyboard that matches the Sys RQ key so then I can access it on the DCS menu in control settings?  Someone told me to use joy2 button but I couldn't figure that out at all. The flight stick button I would like to assign it to is button 12 in the middle of that slider on the FA18 TM stick.  I was just thinking it would be cool to zoom in and zoom out and then at any time press the center of my thumb spring slider and snap a shot which is button 12 on that grip we have.

It this even possible? Is my failure to be able to do it because of my keyboard and region or something.    Sys RQ  vs  PRT CS




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