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F18 pulls up hard after takeoff

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Our group has noticed this consistently random behavior in MP missions flying the F18. The symptoms are as follows. Load MP mission, occupy client F18 (usually hot), take off from either runway or carrier, affected client will start pulling up uncontrollably. You cannot trim it out. The solution is just to restart the MP mission and go again.


I've attached two Mp tracks from last night. I have a subsequent 3rd successful track, but it is over 10mb.

server-20210210-184408.trk server-20210210-185023.trk

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Is it perhaps the autonomous takeoff system of the F-18? I think you're hands-off the stick when launching from carrier, other than retracting landing gear to reduce drag. The autonomy begins during thrust buildup....... I was trying to get full afterburn thrust while holding wheelbrake, but apparently as long as you're under the catapult's rules, you get little to no control.


First time I learned this reminded me of the first-ever F-111 pilots to hand over total flight control to the terrain-following radar..... at night......




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You got a flaps warning... you may have missed trimming for T/O weight.

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as suggested above you need to check your flaps setting, it is incorrect and the advisory warning is letting you know. 


thank you


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9 times out of 10, whenever someone reports uncontrollable pitch up after takeoff, they are taking off with flaps in Auto. Don't do that, if you do.

Flight = Flaps Auto
Takeoff = Flaps Half
Landing = Flaps Full

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This can't be correct. Even if the pitch up behavior with auto flaps and gear down is correct (I'm not saying it is), the FCS should set the flight surfaces to maintain 1 G flight, with gear up and flaps to auto. It's what the particular FCS does.

The latter doesn't occur in game, at the moment. If you take off with auto flaps, the FCS never reverts to 1 G flight after the gear is up. It keeps pitching up, for ~1.2-1.3 G.

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If you watch the Blue's Solo Dirty Roll on TO, you can see the flaps in Auto (retracted) during the groundroll. Upon rotation, once weight is no longer on wheels, the FCS actuates the TEF's, as expected, during the pitch up. Curiously, as he initiates the roll and unloads, the TEF's retract, (and act as if the gear were retracted in our DCS bird), yet the entire maneuver is completed with LDG in the down position. 



This exact same FCS logic is visible on Canada's CF-188's (yes, I know they're retrofitted A's), and AFAIK they fly unmodified jets for the demo team, so this isn't a case of specially modified FCS logic for airshows.




The only way this maneuver is possible in DCS is if you actuate the flaps quickly from Auto to Half back to Auto during the maneuver, and I refuse to believe that the Hornet guys do that in RL.


Quick edit - Previous sentences came across a bit strong. So if the current logic IS correct, is it then a case of setting the stab trim to zero or even negative, or some other setting?


Second Edit - Just tried it ingame with Stab trim set to 0, and flaps in Auto (all 0's on the FCS trim). More controllable for sure, but once the LDG is cycled up, the trim still runs away until the Flaps are flipped from Auto to Half and then Back. This definitely isn't right. 

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