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HMAS Melbourne R21 (1980)


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Ufa , ate que enfim,nossos amigos moderadores estão nos presenteando com esses modulos incriveis , transportadora e aviões dos anos 60 -70.

Eu particulamente, agradeço de todo coração a todos os moderadores que diariamente nos presenteia com os seus modulos.

O meu muito obrigado.

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4 hours ago, mmarques said:

Is that the Oriskany? If so, awesome to have a proper nam era carrier!

+1 once we get the F-8 to go with it too that sounds like the starting lineup for some pretty cool missions.



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1 hour ago, aviation360 said:

I would kill for the 1955 CVA-41, 1971 CV-41, 1952 CVA-43, 1979 CV-43, USS Oriskany, USS John F Kennedy, USS Enterprise CVN-65. Regardless can’t wait to see HMAS released

Would definitely love to see a Vietnam era Midway, in the meantime once this releases, you can use the Melbourne as an Essex class. That's what I do.

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33 minutes ago, Callsign said:

You're making an Ark Royal?

I really hope the Melbourne is finished before the Ark Royal, seems to be much more advanced in development than it.

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For the RAN flyers out there, hopefully this will be up for download soon.



download here


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16 hours ago, flyingscotsman said:

What I'm getting from all this, is just how SMALL the carrier decks are back then, and we have the U.S. giants to play with. With a prop plane, It looks big...but coming in with a 50's 60's jet...scary

Yeah they where really small before planes like the F-14 and F-4 came along and they realized they needed more deck space

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Working out an anomaly with how DCS handles the default texture for the ASW/LPH model which was badly done on my part, so just re-working that now.  Then you can have it warts and all.

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On 2/13/2021 at 6:28 AM, Pikey said:

Hi, I feel cheeky to ask for more, but considering the Collossus class was so widely sold on and preserved post war, such key ships above demonstrating this, I'm asking for something that is sort of obvious given the heritage and that is the original Collosus light carrier or whichever derivative is easiest to port into a WW2 British Pacific Fleet carrier https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1942_Design_Light_Fleet_Carrier

The Leatherneck Corsair is getting closer to release, the Marianas islands by ED also getting closer. There is an obvious desire for some to have fleet WW2 action, so I think a WW2 version of this makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the consideration.


What a fantastic idea. 


Did I miss an ETA?  (Not that I'd hold anyone to it - I know this is a ton of work to get right.)


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