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Hi, I'm thinking about buying this campaign taking advantage of the sales, and I wonder if it is for very experienced F-18 pilots or accesible for someone like me that knows most of the systems but I'm not an expert. I beg some advice, thanks.

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I'm through mission 7 and it's not too difficult so far. Tons of fun. You are going to want to be really familiar with employing all the different weapons the hornet has available, using the TGP, setting up the A/A waypoint and using BRA (rock) calls, using your radios, and proper landing procedures. The kneeboards that are provided are extremely helpful.

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On 2/10/2021 at 4:32 AM, splash said:

Excellent news!!! I'm really really bad at refuelling, thanks!


I was too buddy, but this campaign forced me to to get better. It's worth trying to get it down if you can!

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Thanks for making the campaign more accessible to the masses.  I am a raw "nugget" in the F-18 and am working though training right now.  Want to work myself up to this campaign (already purchased).  I purchased the book and completed and am now on the second book.  Can't wait to get proficient enough with the Hornet to tackle this campaign.  Thanks @baltic_dragon

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Yeah, I need a serious upgrade :)


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