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And Now for Something Completely Different| DCS : FUTURE


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DCS Future would be a combat game that used the simulation engine of DCS world to make a standalone multiplayer game

where humanity makes it's last stand against an unseen DarkFor that is trying  wipeout what remains of humanity.



Background for the Concept

I will Keep this brief, this game has already existed. Back in the 90's, UK game developer Psygnosis, created and Published Armour-Geddon.

DCS is the perfect platform for a Future Combat Game / Sim in the same style of Armor-Geddon.  This amazing game was before it's time.


This was the Digital Battlefield before it became a thing.  Now this IP may not be for sale but, DCS would be a PERFECT Code Base for a version of this game.


When I play the amazing DCS: Combined Arms, It takes me back to the playing Armour-Geddon as a Kid.

Linking up with a friend via Serial Port Cable doing Co-Op missions to take down the power-grid and finding the research was just the bee's knees.





If Interested in the game details please see this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armour-Geddon / 




The Map




In DCS, a Map could be made that does not have to be of Earth(it could be).... but a map of called Dystopia with 

population centers huddled around Airbases like they are in Armour-Geddon. DCS's map size is perfect of this type of game.

A fixed world with power planets and area where the player can attack and destroy the other sides ability from a resource stand point,

to make war.  Open Missions with no pre-determined routes or take other then survival. DCS worlds resource simulation, the one currently

in the Mission Editor is perfect for this type of thing.



Future  Hardware That is an Evolution of Current Day Hardware


Aircraft Module makers could make future Airframes only limited by a small rules set where the have to remain atmospheric.

Not Study Level Models but way off future of the F-16 MiGs and So On. The Concept is that Humans are in a war against the machine AI or whatever dark forces that can be devised as RedFor of DarkFor some Phantom Entity be it machine or man trying to wipe out the World's remaining, United Armed Forces.




Resources are limited and research and resource collection allows for the Evolution of the Airframes and other Hardware.

Allowing the human's to fight and trying to win. This concept borrows heavily from Armour-Gedden.




This is just a really quick rough Idea. But a game future game grounded by the bounds of physics would be kinda neat.

With FC3 type aircraft not needed every switch modeled. No Mission Editor but converting into a Real-TIme Mission Planner,

No need to adhere to ultra realism constraints based on real world  numbers as there would be an evolution of the hardware's

capability as R&D happens within the game.


The Concept is in short a reboot of sorts of the  Original IP that was really awesome for it's time.

Or something similar.


Something like this could be an additional revenue stream for the DCS world as well.

Just seeing if their are others out there that remember AG and may feel like I do that DCS has all the right stuff

to make game like what's being suggested?


We Have DCS: PAST, We Have DCS:PRESENT, Now It maybe time to think about DCS:FUTURE.


Sorry for Any Typos and errors written in a rush will edit and correct later.



Edited by Boneski

My mission is to fly, fight, and win. o-:|:-o What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie sausage roll.

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Well I down for the editor... I was just thinking of things to strip out.

Looking at version 2 of the game it did have mission for you to complete.


I the original Armour-Geddon the user task when coming above ground was to find the elements to make the weapon.

So you you are correct. No need to limit the game by removing the mission planning element.


So let me change the concept and state that instead of the Mission Editor.. it becomes a mission planner 

allowing the user to make waypoints and stuff like that. Kind of in the same vein as oldschool 

Rainbow six.


Now if they want to make a full fledge Future sim and have it do DCS the way it does DCS... I would be cool with that.

DCS with a Future map and Future Hardware Modules would work and we build our own Future wars much like 

we do in DCS: Present. 


My mission is to fly, fight, and win. o-:|:-o What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie sausage roll.

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