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What things do you like / dislike in Single Player Campaigns?

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I realised that for the most part, I've done stuff mostly for myself and hoped others like it but still, I would like some feedback on what people like to see - and perhaps more importantly what you dislike - in a Single Player Campaigns.


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Hi, this is what butters my parsnips


Anyone who spends time creating stuff for others should feel free to do it for their enjoyment too so please take all the stuff below with a pinch of salt and not as a demand! Ive spent months creating complex mission only for stuff to break so I do appreciate the amount of effort that goes into a campaign. 


Some of the things I like and dont.  


Audio not text. Ideally GOOD professional/gifted voice acting. Wouldn't expect it from a free campaign but I would for a paid one. Some Amazon polly voices can, with some judicious editing and degrading, almost sound real and its cheap.   Recording of amateur community members reading lines is sometimes worse than no sound at all but sometimes they really hit the mark too.   


Variation in the airfield scenery/layout. Starting out each mission with a groundhog day experience can be a chore.  


Limited briefing text is a bonus. Reams of intro always feels a little "this is the plot" to me. I prefer being drip fed in game audio.


Mixing the weather/lighting. Not easy given what mission builders currently have but a little turbulence here and there or coming home in the dark helps keep my attention. 


An impression you are not fighting an entire army Rambo style. Activity around the airfield, support from AI, coms from AI doing something away from your area all help. 


Surprises. Randomising where those blasted MANPADS and Tors pop up help keep replays fresh. Its lot to create but alternate outcomes even just within each mission can be good to. 


IADS. Giving the enemy AI at least the impression of intelligence adds to the immersion in certain situations. 


No tours without a reason. The ubiquitous familiarisation flight can be a grind but can also be good if there is enough information triggered during it. A diversion is always welcome too. 


Hope some of that serves as a starter.






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