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TipTanks on AI F-104G changed to Miniguns on dedicated server.

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Hi guys.

I try to run a dedicated server, where some modified missions (Jasmin and Syria-Pendulum) are beeing run. Everything works fine, but since it is a 60's/70's style server, there are F-104G (VSN-MOD) and others on the map, as clients and as AI.

If a F-104G starts as AI, the TipTanks (which are "new" objects found in the F-104G folder in saved games and are declared in the F-104.lua) are replaced by miniguns...which is quite crazy.

Does I have to save the MOD-Aircrafts in a different folder on a dedicated server?

If I fly the F104G by myself, everything is fine.

If I run the mission on my normal DCS Client (not on the dedicated server) everything is allright...

I would really apreciate a few helping words 🙂

Thanks a lot in advance,

Cheers, PeeJott.

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