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Wingmen don't go for objective.

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I am very sorry to hear that.  I can say with absolute certainty the AI performed correctly 100% of the time when the missions were submitted.  An absurd amount of time went into testing these.  Anything is possible though.


You might double check the fundamentals: 


1.  Give the command 'engage mission and rejoin' near or slightly before the IP  (the steerpoint just before the target) 

2.  Transmit the command on COMM2 (VHF) Channel 1


It is also possible for your flight to defend itself if engaged by enemy aircraft after the command to attack is given.  They will prioritize (quite correctly) enemy aircraft in some situations but complete the attack once the threat is gone.


I think it is probably fine but will keep an eye out for more reports like this.  I appreciate it.

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