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umm not sure if you know of these random events? as the text afterwards sort of said unexplained explosion? was flying back from the carrier first mission up the river and both wolf 1 and me just whent pop?

just one other thing ti mention too, be nice to see wolf 1 actually land on the carrier.

but looking forward to re doing the first mission, was surprised at how techy the first mission is, v good job mate

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Hello, and thank's for flying the campaign. 

It ends the mission by intention. This is because you failed the formation task.  :cry:

The intention was to create a system failure, but some DCS changes made an explosion out of it, even if we triggered it differently.


On the way to and from the carrier, you need to hold close formation. You've been several times advised to get closer or getting too far.  
You can avoid this in the first place when keeping a greater distance from the beginning.

The trigger activated over the coastline when getting close. :smartass:


Wolf 1 did not land because of Mission Editor limitations. I would like to see him land as well. Even if it is irrelevant for the mission, you can't see it from the frigate anyway.
But if he lands there, he will never take off again. :wallbash:


If you need any help or information in the upcoming missions, do not hesitate to contact me directly on our DISCORD.  :drinks_cheers:

Edited by CHPL

Always happy landings ;)

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