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Thanks very much for your interest in this campaign.  Documents of any kind are notoriously difficult to find in DCS: World so I am glad to make those included with the campaign available here for download.  Even if you do not own the campaign, these should give you a good idea of what to expect.


The best place to start is the Campaign Guide.  It includes background information on how the campaign is designed and an overview of the Red Flag exercises.


Campaign Guide


The Standard Operating Procedures include procedures applicable to all missions. Rather than repeat the information every time, it is all compiled there in one place.


Standard Operating Procedures


The Briefing Slides include information unique to each individual mission. These are identical in many ways to those used for the Mission Commander briefing held in the main auditorium before each Red Flag mission. These are also available on your kneeboard in flight.


Mission 1 Briefing

Mission 2 Briefing

Mission 3 Briefing

Mission 4 Briefing

Mission 5 Briefing

Mission 6 Briefing

Mission 7 Briefing

Mission 8 Briefing

Mission 9 Briefing

Mission 10 Briefing


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Thanks for this, I love your Campaigns .. I will for sure purchase this once I finish learning the Viper 🙂


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Nice - thanks Bunyap! Something for me to read at work today before getting stuck into the missions this weekend. 😀


Edit: Wow very comprehensive procedures and briefings - very impressive.

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Hi Bunyap,


Nice work. I flew just Mission 1 and really enjoyed it. The briefings and presentations were great, the only thing missing was a mission data card. Is it possible to get a mission data card put into the kneeboard with the other documents? 



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