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Shadow OWWE "Osa" Send-Off Formation [Request for pilots and Feedback]


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Hello everyone again!


Wow, so many people showed interest and signed up - great!


To answer a few questions that were asked and not fully answered yet:

If you want to videotape or stream thats fine with me. Please bear in mind that we do this say farewell to our friend.

If you are not sure if you can stay to the rest of the stream, i have no problem if you stay as long as you can and then just break out of formation,

fly off in the distance and then disconnect. In case you are flying a helicopter, i dont mind if you land at the airport, switch the engines off and stay until you can and disconnect.

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5 minutes ago, admiki said:

@TAW_derdoecan we get TS and DCS server details?

TS IP: ts50.gameservers.com:9132
TS PW: phoenix

Server IP:



104th Phoenix Official Texture pack:


Un-Official Roughmet Texture Pack:


Livery Creation Discord Group Invite-


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