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Cockpit Console (NVG)/Lights only for one eye in VR

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Hello everyone,

since quite some time I flew the Black Shark in VR again today. As soon as it got darker, I noticed that something was wrong with the cockpit. The cockpit lighting was flickering slightly....

I just closed my left eye and see everything normal. Now I closed only the right eye and all the cockpit lighting is off!

Please fix.




Screenshot from left eye (buggy), but NVG cockpit lights are on for the right eye.



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Hey! There is a fix/workaround for that. 


1) Go to "\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config"


2)Then open your autoexec.cfg file.


3) Change the line "options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true" to "options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = false"


Now it should be fixed.

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