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renaming button boxes?

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I have 2 home made custom button boxes on usb for DCS, both run off Teensy2 microcontroller, windows sees them both as 'Button Box'. For a few reasons I want to be able to rename one of them so I can tell which one is which, in key bind configs and in windows.

I went into Regedit to change the name of one of them then found the name change had been applied to both - windows sees them both as identical (but they have differnt configurations). Is there any way I can change one name and not the other so windows reports them differently?

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Just go to DCS - Settings - Controls, find the particular device column, double click over the name DCS chose by default (Button box) and type the name you want.
No idea for Windows though.

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Renaming both in DCS World is no problem, you can call all your controllers anything you like, my hotas stick and pedals pay homage to Bert & Ernie off Sesame Street, but outside of DCS these renamings are invisible to Windows. 

Within Arduino I cannot see where/how I can rename it, it just seems to adopt the default USB keyboard, mouse & joystick controller. Since both Teensy boards used are identical, just the config & number of buttons + rotary encoders differ, windows sees then as the same item.


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