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Questions Regarding ECM In DCS and Reality

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I do realize that at this point in the sim, ECM, and how it’s modeled, is far from complete. In addition to this, I would imagine that there are many variables and parameters related to this topic that are still classified and will never be able to be fully modeled in DCS. Below I have formulated a handful of questions that I have regarding how ECM works in game and how it should work in reality.


1: Why does activating the jammer in the Hornet freeze/silent the radar? Is it because it would interfere with the Hornets own radar? This would make sense and leads me to the next question. 

2: Why don’t other DCS aircraft with internal/external jammers, such as the F-15, F-14, MiG-29, Su-27, JF-17, etc, exhibit the same behavior as the Hornet when their jammers activate? Is there something special about these aircraft that allows them to leave both their radar and jammers on at the same time or are these systems not yet fully modeled?


3: In regards to the Tomcat and Hornet, by placing the ECM switch to XMIT, does this continuously send out jamming signals from the jammer directed towards radars illuminating the plane, including friendly radars, or does it only activate when the aircraft is “spiked” or hard locked? I do know that in the Jf-17, there are two modes of jamming, type one, which will only jam hard locks, and type 2, which will jam any radars illuminating the aircraft. Does the Tomcat and Hornet have this capability and if not, will they in the future?


4: What function does the forwards, backwards, and forwards+ backwards option do for the Jf-17’s jammer? Does this literally dictate the direction in which the jamming signals will travel?


Finally, 5: Can an AWACS’ radar be jammed to the point where it can no longer determine the precise location of a target and if so, will this be implemented in DCS?


I apologize for all the questions but it is clear that my knowledge regarding this particular subject is lacking and that I would like to know more.

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