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Night Cockpit Flood Light = Massive Black Flicker

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Happens with a few models but really bad in the A10CII. Flying at night with the cockpit flood light turned on makes a huge amount of large black square / overlay flicker.  Turning down the flood lights until they are completely off solves the issue, but leaves you sitting in the dark. 

I fly in VR using an HP G2 but the flicker can be seen on the monitor also. 3090 graphics card. 


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Seems ok in my G2, can you do me a short track replay so I can see the same circumstance, and attach your dcs log so I can check your settings




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31 minuti fa, FoxTwo ha scritto:

Make sure you have Advanced Super Sample filtering disabled in SteamVR if you have MSAA enabled in DCS. They are not compatible.

Thanks I'll give it a try.


I've experienced the same problem as OP during a night time fly. 

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Strangely....  I had shadows turned off and moved them to high and it solved the issue...  I also had the DCS MSAA and Steam VR Advanced Super Sampling turned on at the same time so I changed that after fixing the issues with the shadows setting.   

Sorta strange but at least there was a fix. 

Thanks for the help guys. 


On 1/24/2021 at 7:19 AM, Foka said:

Leaves you in the dark? What about all other inside illumination of instruments?

Only issue with just the instrument lighting is you can see what the switches are for, just not the actual switch position.  Sorta need some degree of flood lighting to get the whole picture. 

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