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Just curious does the ATC work for landing on the Super Carrier? I watched a video on it, flying at an air base and I thought he said it works on carrier. But I wanted to try it and on the down leg, I would have crashed if I didn’t take control. Then I made the final turn and set it again, got a solid ATC on the HUD but it wasn’t controlling anything 😊

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1 hour ago, JTAnimal said:

That was my result, tried to kill me.. I haven’t tried a land base yet

Auto throttle has nothing to do with where you are, it’s not communicating with anything external to the jet. In landing mode it doesn’t work yet, simple as that.

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I was just looking at the Grim Reapers You Tube video. Says ATC works for approach, keeps you at 8%. So I’m just asking what was already on the internet. I’m not sure why this was moved to wish list, I’m asking about the F18C here. Whatever. Thanks anyway... 😒



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