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Help with L-39 Formation Flying with AI

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I've been trying to practice close formation flying using the L-39 instant action "Free Flight" mission. I find it extremely challenging because the AI lead plane seems to be able to out-accelerate and out-decelerate me. I've flown this mission many times over, so I know when to expect his deceleration - I even try to "dirty up" just before he does. But he just slows way faster than my L-39 seems to be able to, so I have to veer off lest I hit him.  And then he just shoots forward, no matter how quickly I get the boards in and the throttle forward. On landing, I purposefully touch down a second before he does, then throw everything up and break like a maniac. Yet the moment his wheels touch the tarmac, he stops on a dime and a roll past him. 

I've seen tons of videos of people flying beautiful formations - with other humans. Does anyone have a video flying the L-39 in formation with an AI-controlled L-39? I really wanna know if it's just a matter of "practice-practice-practice" or is precision flying with the AI a "mission impossible"...




(By the way, I have no problem formation flying with AI tankers - I can AAR just fine every plane that can be air-refueled in DCS...)

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Problem with AI is that its manouvering and flying is very binary. AI often flies full power (even full AFB) till the very last second, then rapidly decelrates using airbrake and does a very hard bank then goes full engine power again. 

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