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Sling Loading Audio Mod

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I've recently re-recorded all the sling loading voice comms in a more modern and easy to understand (and probably less annoying) format. However, Now that I'm done with that, I have no idea where to put them in the DCS directory. I've done some reading and it sounds like everything is encrypted now, so is there a workaround, maybe in the saved games directory?

thanks for the help.


I've done a bit more research and I've placed my audio files in the following directory:

Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Sounds/Speech/ENG/Common/External Cargo/


I have another sound mod using that same directory structure that is working..

What I may have wrong is the file naming conventions?

Is there a place I can look those up?


I'm using ones I found from an old mod:

i.e. Above, Fifteen, five, five_to_ground.. etc


thanks for the help!

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I figured it out! I'll update this post with a link the user files if/when ED approves them.

The trick was to add a "messages" folder inside the External Cargo Folder

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