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Another old flight sim flyer starting again.

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Hello everyone going to take the plunge and build a new computer system to fly DCS this spring. Used to be a member of the 388th VFS  Falcon 4.0 Hangtime was are CO, flew quite a bit with them years ago.  I'm going to assume that I wont be able to fly multiplayer being that I'm on a US cellular wireless internet service because I now live out in the sticks.

 I have the saitek hotas cant remember if its the x45 or52 plus rudder pedals also homemade track ir.  I used to build my own gaming systems but I'm out of the loop anymore I don't need the latest and greatest. Any mid price range recommendations for components.

 As for my background. Joined the Navy in 1985 aircraft electrician AE2 on F14 A with VF31 Tomcatters flying off the USS Forrestal. When I left the Navy I was able to join our ANG unit and got on full time as a electrician on F16C Block 30 big mouth GE110. Eventually retired as a E8


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Greetings and welcome!

With the just released F-14A a few months ago and a Forrestal coming soon you'll feel right at home here 🙂


not to mention the Viper which probably brought you back to sims again.

🖥️ i3-10100F 3.6-4.3GHz, 16GB DDR4 2666, GTX970 4GB, SSD SATA3, 27" LCD FullHD, Win 10 Home 64   🕹️ T16000M HOTAS, customTiR   ✈️ FC3, F-14A/B   🌍 NTTR, PG   🚢 Supercarrier

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