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F-14B ACLS Auto-pilot makes too aggressive corrections to flight path

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Over the course of the last few weeks Ive started flyng more and more CASE III's. I havent messed with the ACLS lately since I know it can be really "iffy" sometimes. I fly a really nice clear day straight in on this video and I believe that the autopilot make far too aggressive corrections to get on course. at the 23 second mark youll see the activation of the autopilot as the nose dives 10+ degrees towards the ocean. I feel that maybe its possible to give limits on how many degrees of bank and pitch is allowed with the ACLS on.

Of course this is coming from a guy who knows nothing of scripting flight models etc etc.

But it would make sense to me that limiting the amount of autopilot corrections to less than like 5 degrees of any axis would help. Ive had many times during a night, IFR CASE III and it dives or banks so far initially that it gets so far off course ill have to wave off otherwise ill plow into the ocean.

I think we all agree this module is BADASS and really sets the bar high for ED and anything in the future. This birds been my go-to since release. But this has been on my mind since I rarely fly it in clear weather days and its nice to have the ACLS when needed.

On that note I think I can fly a pretty stable on close to the center approach in the video and it still seems to dive a lot. I would imagine if you were a little further off it would dive and become un-recoverable. Also it does seem to track the FLOLS a bit low too but it looks to be fine on the Alt F9 LSO camera. 

Hopefully this helps or maybe its already been reported but I wanted to bring it up since its a moderate level issue.





TCN - 74X

AFCS on and set to ACL, Autothrottles ON, ACL hud selected. Datalink set to Roosevelt via Jester Menu all completed prior to recording



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IFLOLS overlay is wrong because it's calibrated for the Hornet currently.

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On 1/21/2021 at 11:24 AM, draconus said:

IFLOLS overlay is wrong because it's calibrated for the Hornet currently.

Unless the ACLS in the airplane is tied to that FLOLS icon thats not what im getting at. The point being the autopilot takes extremely large over-corrections to get on course. Half the time I end of having to wave off from it

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