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VERSION 002 CLEMENCEAU R-98 and SUPER ETENDARDS PACK 2021 2.5.6 by the Cuesta brothers

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Is it possible to somehow remove the Etendard that is always on the carrier deck? We can use static planes of higher quality to populate the deck or change the arrangement.


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Double refueling op readiness in the Persian Gulf.... 😀

Thanks to all the Moders for all their great work !

Fly safe


Double RAM dans le Golfe Persique 😀

Merci à tous les Moddders pour leur super boulot !

Fly safe


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Good day gentlemen I really can't express how very well done this MOD is even with its borrowed avionics and cockpit that I went crazy and added some extra weapon load out to it like mk20 rockeye, d and k mavs and lau 131 lg rkts mpp apkws don't worry I didn't exaggerate using the 3 racks I only used singles I'm also thinking to add agm 122 against radars, I had to struggle to position them correctly on the aircraft but it was achieved and I know that is not historical but like any other aircraft it was modernized hahaha thank you so much for your MODs Brothers they are a master piece including the F-1 and lots of fun to fly and experiment with, take care, stay safe and keep having fun creating more work of this nature.

SEM sample 1.png

SEM sample 2.png

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