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HDD sun reflection

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The HDD( head-down display) in MiG manual is described as "capable of reading even in direct sunlight", so if the Su-27 is using the same unit, this is definitely a bug, since the one on the screenshot is completely unreadable.


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Cmptohocah=CMPTOHOCAH 😉

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Adapt this fromSu33 to Su27 ?


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Hi all,


I just had a look at the Su-27 cockpit *.dds files.  I've not worked on the Su-27 and can't even fly one or test this (I own the Su-33 add-on but not Flaming Cliffs 3) but If I were to make an educated guess, I'd say the fix lies in su27_cpt_inter.dds.  There's a rectangle beginning at pixel position 1508,1392 stretching right and down to 1848, 1828 that looks suspiciously like the surface of the Su-33 default MFD that I cleaned up.  I'd paint that rectangle opaque black and give it a try 😉


If you're not sure how to do this, you can PM me your email and I'd be happy to send you an su27_cpt_inter.dds with blacked out MFD to test (I tried to attach it to this message but it's far larger than the 5MB limit).  If my file works, I can also add a grid pattern like on my Su-33 MFD fix and put it up in the user files section for everyone to d'load.


Remember, if you're not comfortable installing a new su27_cpt_inter.dds, you can always d'load one of the custom Su-27 cpits, replace it's su27_cpt_inter.dds with yours and piggyback on it's install.


Hope that helps!

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8 hours ago, kseremak said:

Did MiG-29, Su-27 and i.e. Ka-50 use the same HUD?

Yes, and Su-25T too. It's called ИЛС-31 and was common in many 1980s designs.

Although the displayed HUD symbology in Ka-50 is pretty different from the rest it's still the same unit.

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