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As we've seen in moduels sutch as the AV-8B devs can make a more fitting AI tanker model to go with the moduel (for example the kc-130 for the Harrier) are we likely to at somepoint see an AI voyager tanker to accompany the Typhoon later along the road after an early access release?




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Would be nice for sure! Maybe you could turn this into a topic for collecting asset ideas

For example what about some ground (crew) assets like

  • a detailed shelter (if possible one where raindrops don't fall through)
  • hangar tractor / pulley
  • hydraulic test stand
  • starter unit / generator
  • chemical decontamination ground support unit
  • field laboratory for chemical identification
  • couple of suited up NPCs in meaningful poses as seen e.g. here
  • load trailers
  • hoist
  • towbar
  • component crane
  • DASS Typhoon Cooling Cart (conditioned air and ECS)
  • other statics / decorative elements like
    • an engine on service frame
    • high detail crates 
    • fuel tanks
    • fire extinguisher cart
    • wheel chock
    • decent fuel truck
    • decent fire truck
    • some ground crew in decent (animated) idle poses?
    • barrier tape that could be used for airshows / display
    • flood lights
    • see this image for a reference of a few elements described



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Best regards

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Given that they are doing German Typhoon and not British one (initially, but for me the other ones will not see a daylight before end of EA), a more adequate tanker would be Luftwaffe A310 MRTT.

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At this moment we are not planning to add additional AI assetts, however, we would still love to see your wishes, because that can change throughout development. As you know, we love to embed our modules in accompanying content that makes them even more enjoyable, so I would very, extremely carefully say: it is not entirely off the table. It is a matter of resources (in majority: time) though and thus for the time being we will say "no" - so that you guys are not disappointed in the end.

Some of your suggestions I like very much, indeed, and it does not mean that if we do not add something for EA or release even, we wouldn't consider it further down the line. So please: keep bringing on your wishes, don't hold back. We follow these always with utmost interest!

Thank you!

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