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Ground Air Defence units tests

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I did these tests to help me see what's what for when I build my own missions, and I may as well post them here to help anybody else, both sides are under AI control, I just sat watching and munching popcorn..ūüėé


Below: BLUE AIR DEFENCE UNIT HIT PERCENTAGES vs SU-25T's at 2000 ft altitude (but note they didn't always hold that altitude, as they began zooming, diving and rocking and rolling with evasive manoevres)

(The AD's are Average skill, the SU's are Veteran skill)
All SU's popped chaff and sometimes flares. 
I flew waves of SU's over the AD's multiple times and counted how many hits the AD's scored out of 10 shots fired to get the following average hit percentages, but they randomly varied slightly from test to test.

(Red numbers are ammo loadouts at start of each test)
50%- Avenger 8 / Rapier 4/ Roland 10
40%- Stinger manpad 3
30%- Patriot 4 / Hawk 3 / Gepard many bursts / Linebacker 4 Llinebacker uses its cannon when out of missiles)
10%-(must place more than 1 on map to have better chances of scoring a hit)- Chapparal 4 / Vulcan many bursts / Bofors many bursts / Flak88 many shots


(Post any comments, questions, death threats etc in this thread)



Below: these are the current v 2.5.6 American AD units in the game, we can pick up the Gepard and Flak 88 from the German listing.

Noob note- with the the Rapier, Hawk, Patriot and Roland you have to place their radars on the map with them (yellow boxes). 






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AVENGER- 50% hit rate, fires 8 missiles in quick succession




RAPIER- 50% hit rate, good rate of fire but only has 4 missiles



ROLAND- 50% hit rate, good range, carries 10 missiles but radar is slow to get a lock


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STINGER MANPAD- good 40% hit rate but only has a very short range




PATRIOT- 30% hit rate, has very long range




HAWK- 30% hit rate, good range  but its radar is often slow to get a lock




LINEBACKER- 30% hit rate, a reliable unit and will fire its cannon at planes when out of missiles




GEPARD- 30% hit rate, has big supply of ammo




CHAPPARAL- good range but very poor 10% hit rate, it's easily decoyed by flares, place several on map to get better chance of a hit



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VULCAN- poor 10% hit rate and very short range, deploy several to improve hit chances




BOFORS- 10% hit rate, put several on the map to improve hit chances




FLAK 88- 10% hit rate, its shells are designed to airburst and spray the plane with shrapnel, but you need lots to put up a flak barrage to improve hit chances



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A few dramatic screenshots from the tests-


Vulcans hose down an SU and it begins smoking-




An SU pops chaff and takes violent evasive action to dodge a Patriot-




This SU has had its fin and rudder shot off by a Gepard and is limping back to base-




PS- i'll also¬†do Red AD tests over the next few days and post them here too..ūüėé

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Did you see GRs video with the former tank commander? He talks about using Air Defence vehicles like the Gepard and Tor against light ground vehicles. Some of them are quite effective but long lock times.


Its quite a long video, bring your popcorn.



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Note -In my previous posts I've now changed the 0% hit chance units to 10% to reflect the fact that they might have damaged the target aircraft by putting a few holes in it even if it wasn't actually shot down. 

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(Both sides are under AI control)
Percentages are the approx hit ratings vs F/A-18 Hornet Lot 20's at 2000 feet altitude.

(The AD's are Average skill, the Hornets are Veteran skill)
All Hornets popped chaff and sometimes flares. 

Red numbers are the missiles carried. The guns have almost unlimited rounds.


50% : SA-15 Tor (8) / SA-11 Buk (4)
40% : SA-13 Strela (4)

30% : SA-10 (8)
20% : ZSU-57-2 / Igla-S MANP (3) / Igla MANP (3)
10% : ZU-23 Ural / ZSU-23-4 Shilka / ZU-23 Emplac / ZU-23 closed / SA-9 Strela 1 (4) /  SA-2 (1)  / SA-6 Kub (3) / SA-3 (4) / SA-8 Osa (6) / SA-19 Tunguska (8 msls +Gun)













Below: A couple of eye candy screenshots from the tests-

Tor vs Hornet




ZU-23 Ural vs Hornet


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BLUE AIR DEFENCE UNITS vs incoming KH-29T missiles


Below: The test setup, I simply placed batches of Blue AD units to face the approaching SU-25T's and ran each test multiple times





The SU's begin launching KH-29T TV-guided missiles (the equivalent of the Maverick F)-





Only the Roland and Rapier fire at the missiles.

The hit% is approx 30% for the Roland, and 10% for the Rapier-






RED AIR DEF UNITS vs incoming Maverick F missiles

Below: the test setup-





A Hornet lets fly-




Only the Tor fires at the Mavs, with a hit rate of approx 30%-




Summary: remember the tests were against KH-29T's and Maverick F's, so the hit% might fluctuate against different missile types.

And to repeat, NONE of the other units SAMs and guns fired at the incoming missiles, Only the Roland, Rapier and Tor fired.

Both sides units were under AI control (Average AD skill and Veteran aircraft skill), I simply sat back munching my popcorn and watching the show, logging on a piece of paper the number of missiles fired and totting up the hit percentages. 


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Jeebus, I was testing whether my MIM-104 set up was even working (It wasn't on the Guam map).  

Over three completed tests with a Patriot battery and some SHORAD against a single Tu-22M3 flying directly at the battery, the Patriot launched 29 missiles and achieved exactly ZERO hits/none/NADA/zilch!  The breakdown was 13/8/8 for a kill rate of 0%  Several missiles exploded right after launch.  Many exploded way too early, and of the ones that got close (VERY close) never triggered the proximity fuse

The SHORAD (Avengers) launched a total of 14 Stingers and achieved three hits/2 kills   7/5/2 for a kill rate of 21%

For sh*ts and giggles: I switched sides S-300 vs B1B

1 shot/1 kill

The Patriot system is AWFUL in DCS!  I'd have more luck with a slingshot and 5 smooth stones!

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