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Delayed-fuse bombs

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Yes, it is crucial that delayed fuses are added to all types of ordnance types that supported such fuses. The programming is already there for certain bombs, so it's only a matter of expanding it.

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This is a very informative book: Royal Air Force 1939-1945 Vol III The Fight Is Won by Hilary St.George Saunders: Good (1954) | World of Rare Books (abebooks.co.uk)


Published by Her Majesty's Stationary Office in 1954, it gives some great information, including Mosquito timed bomb delay fuses for missions including 10 and 11-second delay and also 30-second delay fused bombs. 


Page 150 explains how for some targets "preliminary tests with instantaneously fused bombs dropped from a height of 2,000 ft gave no results.  It proved necessary , therefore, to descend to tree-top level and throw the bomb into the main building..."


Page 151 explains how eight to ten Mosquito aircraft attacked targets "flying in pairs, the first armed with 30-second delay fused bombs, the remainder with 10 second."


Therefore, I certainly suggest that we need the ability to adjust our Mosquito bomb delay timed fuses from zero to at least 30-seconds.


Happy landings,




P.S.  Volumes I and II of the above book are also a very good read.

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