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Is it possible to hide the control stick?

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I have the option turned on in the general options but the stick still shows up in the Viggen. No clickspot at the base and no special key mapping in the Viggen's controls.


Was this never implemented?

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Don’t have this module, but being same developer, could the F-14s hide stick key be the same on the Viggen?


Fingers crossed?

Alien desktop PC, Intel i7-8700 CPU@3.20GHz 6 Core, Nvidia GTX 1070, 16GB RAM. TM Warthog stick and Throttles. Saitek ProFlight pedals.

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Unfortunately no!

MY SYSTEM SPECS: Hardware Intel pentium 3 @ 800 MHz, 256 Mb RAM, Geforce 2 64Mb, Dell screen 1024x768 + Microsoft sidewhiner joystick + TrackIR 2 + TrackClitPro SOFTWARE: Microsoft Windows 98, Noice Attack & VIASAT PRO, SnackView

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