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[Investigating] AGM-65E Laser codes not enforced?

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I posted this here:


but didn't get any responses. In the YOUTUBE video and in my experience, the Laser Code can be left as 1111 and still work for AGM-65E and GBU-12


In the past I thought the Laser Codes for the AV-8B had similar restrictions as for the F/A-18 and 1111 should NOT be a valid code.


Track is attached. Note, that in the first attack,  it was a little off and didn't destroy the Chemical Tank, but you can see the impact smoke in the TPOD.  The second attack against an APC clearly impacted on the spot. In both cases, the AGM-65E locked up the 1111 laser frequency, where it SHOULD not have.  Have also observed this with GBU-12 (no track attached).



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Just out of curiosity does this occur in an air start and does it affect GBU-16s as well?


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  • RAZBAM_ELMO changed the title to [Investigating] AGM-65E Laser codes not enforced?

Hi Elmo,


Actually, I only tested from an Air Start.  In the TRK, the code was set to 1688 and I changed it BACK to 1111 in the air.  I did not try taking off without changing the code, but I am assuming that the creator of the YOUTUBE video in the linked post did exactly that.


I tested with GBU-12 from an Air Start, changing code from 1688 to 1111 and it tracked perfectly. I did not try a GBU-16.


Update: I confirmed it also works with an Air Start, GBU-16. TRK attached.


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GBU-16 Track
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