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Autopilot toggle switch bound to 3 pos switch. Only works properly when gear down. Laser arm/off does not work correctly

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When gear is up it will function as the button press ALT  ATT and not go middle when no press is detected

When gear is down it functions as (switch up) ALT HOLD (switch middle no press detected)  middle (switch down) ATT HOLD

HDG SEL/ATT HOLD works as intended. Im assuming you intend for the AP to work the same since while not explicitly written as ALT HOLD/OFF it works that way when wheels are down. 


Laser ARM/off only work as normal up/down so you need to cycle the switch

Hope this can be fixed asap

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You are right: the Autopilot Pitch switch commands are not designed to work with a 3-position (ON-OFF-ON) switch. I have corrected the problem by adding 2 lines to the file "default.lua". We have this kind of issue with many aircraft and ED does not seem willing to address it.

Also the Laser Arm function misses a command for a maintained ON/OFF switch. Again, that can be easily corrected by adding a line to the "default.lua".

If you are interested I can post the lines of code.

These are not the only commands missing. Although I fly the F-16 rarely, I have already added 10 lines of code to it.


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