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Mirage 2000c weapons questions

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So looking at the Mirage and having flown it for nearly year online.  I have a question about the weapons loadout.


So as far as I can find in game the M2k can have 2 Magic and 2 530Ds.  Is it not possible for it to have an additional 4 530s on the inner hardpoints?  Those are usually loaded with bombs but useless for anything else.


It is a little odd for an interceptor to have so much fuel but no weapons staying power.  Having 4 missiles and guns is well a but sad.

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It can't. Later Mirage 2000-5 variants can carry MICA missiles under the hardpoints you speak of. Mirage 2000C however, carries 4 air to air missiles. Considering it is an early to mid 80s aircraft, it was more or less the standard for light to medium weight fighters to lug around 4-6 missiles, F-16, F-5, MiG-23, MiG-29, MiG-21, JA 37 etc all had 4-6 missiles, though Mirage is admittedly at the lower end with 4.


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27 minutes ago, Hodo said:

What about the use of the Exocet missile?  For anti ship work?


Requires a ground mapping radar i.e. RDM, rather than the M-2000C's RDI radar.



The Mirages use the AM-39 Exocet Block 2 in combination with the RDM-3 radar in Surface Survey mode with a detection range of 60 nm (110 km) which, always according to Nikita’s article, allow the HAF to launch an attack outside of the RIM-66 Standard SM-1 surface-to-air missile used by the Turkish Navy.



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