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Adding drop tank art to Last Ride livery?

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Ahoi 🙂


Now where we getting some little hog as drop tank art for the Red Rippers livery,

I would like to ask if it would be possible to add the Jolly Rogers art to the "last Ride" livery drop tank?






In the game we have the Last Ride livery with modex 201.

I searched and searched for picrures of their last cruise, but couldn't find a picture or any information for the 201.

There was a 201 in the 90s but I think not at the Final Cruise.


Those were the modex I found for last Cruise:


101, 102, 104, 105, 107, 110, 111, 112


There was also a 100 and a 103, but they were both HiViz.


It seems that there also was no "S" or "Mutha" written on the tails. On the place it was written, the black looks a bit darker and fresher.

Looks like they overpainted the "mutha" and "S" for some reason.

Does somebody knows when this was overpainted?

Was the "mutha" and "s" presented maybe only at the beginning of their last ride deployment?

Im not 100% sure.


But they added some new "last Ride" art to the Nose.

On the Starboard-side they have a Grumman Ironworks 30th Anniversary logo:



On the port-side there is a little black jolly Roger skull like seen on the pictures of the 101 and 112 above.

But I found also some pictures without those Nose art.

So maybe it was painted on the end of the deployment to the noses?

Again I am not 100% sure about this.


Can any Tomcat historian double check this?


Thanks for taking a look.

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If we go this much detail, we shouldnt forget about the "USS John F. Kennedy" on the shoulders.


About the "mutha" and the "S", both logos were correct on the tails for the last ride livery in 2004.

The 30th Anniversary logos on the nose came at the end of 2004 with removal of the "mutha" and "s" on the tail.


Here is a picture of January 2004 with "S" and "mutha". So both logos were correct on the tail.







But I totally agree on the following points:


  • Drop Tank Art
  • Correct Modex (1XX, maybe 112 like on the picture above)
  • "USS John F. Kennedy" on the shoulders


Thanks for taking a look.

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