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How do I create a respawn?

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So I've created a little SP mission with various targets, jtac, carrier, blah blah. So I can jump into this mission and practise weapons etc.


I have set up one of every aircraft I own, and they are all set to client.


When the mission starts i can select any aircraft and take flight, and that works great.


However, if I take any of the aircraft and then crash and burn, I have to choose a different aircraft before then I can spawn a new plane.

Eg, choose and fly F18 


Press Esc, select slot, Choose f18, puts me back in the dead plane,

Choose spitfire, loads

Choose f18 again to try again.


Can I, and if so, how do I get it to register that the plane is dead and let me spawn a new F18 without having to load a separate aircraft?







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